How do i optimize content with surfer seo?

While you focus on writing incredible content, Surfer's content editor will provide you with relevant keywords and a real-time optimization measure. Use Surfer to write with confidence and precision. With Surfer, you're not limited to just English and Spanish. For the best results, consider planning your content schedule with Keyword Research.

Keyword research helps identify topic groups (groups of related keywords), on which you can create content publishers. The keywords in a group of topics share relevance to each other and help you ensure that your content matches the search intent you're targeting. NLP stands for Natural Language Processing. NLP allows Google to understand natural language just like humans: this is how language models such as BERT or MUM interpret text, search queries, video and even audio.

Google's NPL-based algorithms interpret the meaning, structure and sentiment of the text. They assess how relevant your content is to your niche, which affects your ranking. At Surfer, we use NLP to extract relevant entities related to your main keyword. With NPL-based guidelines, you'll know what terms you should use, where and how often, so that Google knows that your content is relevant to what users are looking for.

Surfer is a content intelligence solution that combines content strategy, creation and optimization in one simple process, to help content teams grow brands, organic traffic and revenues. It uses NLP solutions, machine learning, an analysis of more than 500 web signals, and more. All guidelines are available in real time, are based on competition and comply with Google standards. For more information, visit our knowledge base.

Surfer draws on its “organic competitors” for information on what type of content is ranked best. Organic competitors are pages that are among Google's top 10 for the SERP location chosen by the content editor. It's recommended to review your organic competitors and select only those that share your search intent and that have a content score of more than 68. We accept credit and debit cards (26 monthly and annual subscriptions) and bank transfers (annual subscriptions only). We don't accept payments with PayPal.

Choose a plan and see Surfer in action. & falls in love with your new, maximized workflow for SEO. The SEO Surfer tool is primarily designed to optimize content, but content marketers can also use it to select keywords. However, you can use your regular keyword research tool that you trust for SEO audits.

Regardless of the tool used, you should choose the keywords or phrases that are indicated in your content marketing plans.