Is amazon influencer the same as storefront?

Amazon influencers have an Amazon store where they show their favorite videos and items on the market. This is where followers can browse the influencer's lists of ideas, videos and photos. Your Amazon Influencer showcase is an Amazon page with a personalized URL where you can direct your followers to buy the products you like the most. Amazon Influencer stores offer Amazon influencers a place to display the products they recommend, making it easier for customers to buy.

It's difficult to find Amazon Influencer Storefronts mainly because Amazon doesn't provide a means to navigate Amazon Influencer Storefronts. The Amazon influencer program differs from its affiliate program mainly in the shopping experience presented by Amazon influencers. Amazon Influencer storefronts can have two types of video: “The videos shown above” and “Amazon Influencer Live Streams”, which are shown below. Hopefully, you're already familiar with the operating agreement, so you should already know that sending emails to your users with links to Amazon products or links to blog posts that contain links to Amazon products is explicitly prohibited.

There are some marketplaces dedicated to Amazon influencers, such as Referazon, which make it easy to find potential Amazon influencers, as well as some general influencer marketplaces, such as Intellifluence, which will tell you which creator has an influencer store on Amazon. The Referazon Amazon Influencer software has a powerful Amazon influencer search that makes it easy to search for Amazon influencers and manage campaigns directly on the Amazon influencer marketing platform. Amazon has invested so much in its influencer program that it recently took a dozen influencers from TikTok, YouTube and Instagram to a luxury resort in Mexico to sell them to join the program as Amazon influencers and Amazon affiliates. For Amazon Live, the Amazon influencer will promote when they are broadcasting live and will direct their audience to their Amazon live stream.

The most experienced influencers on Amazon are taking advantage of Amazon Live and the live broadcasts where you can buy to promote products and earn commissions. For example, a kitchen and home blogger with her own website is part of influencer and affiliate programs, as shown below. Amazon Live influencers have Amazon Influencer storefronts where they show and highlight products, such as QVC or Home Shopping Network. To apply for the Amazon Influencer Program, you must have a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account with more than 200 followers.

In this case, most of the on-stage approach is achieved by the public that already knows the Amazon Influencer, likes and trusts him, since they follow him on the platforms they choose before arriving at their Amazon Influencer Store. In its documents, Amazon states that it accepts micro-influencers and nano-influencers as long as you have an engaged audience.