Is surfer seo any good?

Surfer SEO is one of the best one-page SEO optimization tools that can help you optimize your pages and also your content. The tool comes with a lot of features, such as keyword research, content planner, content editor, SERP analyzer, and SEO auditing. Anyone can use Surfer SEO to improve the ranking of the pages on their website. This completes our Surfer SEO review.

While it's not necessarily part of the Surfer SEO suite of products, Surfer developed a Google Chrome extension that is a free keyword research tool. Just like Yoast provides you with its green score indicators, Surfer will do the same, however, the difference is that Surfer compares your content with that of hundreds of content from your closest competitors. Surfer SEO users now have access to 6 page optimization tools (there used to be) and some complementary tools that they can use with Surfer SEO. As for keywords, Keyword Surfer is another part of the Surfer package that is more than valuable.

Surfer also integrates with Writesonic, an AI writing tool that helps create content for blogs and social networks. Surfer's SEO keyword search feature is a great complement to the tool, but it's easy to see that Surfer's strengths lie in the SERP and content editor options. Another free tool included as part of Surfer is the AI schema generator that allows you to generate complete content schemas for your pieces. The SEO keyword space is very competitive, but if you're curious to know how Surfer SEO compares to other SEO tools, you can usually safely say that it's Surfer's SEO content editor that sets them apart.