Is surfer seo free?

Wherever you are, Keyword Surfer will help you validate your content ideas and streamline your research and content creation process with data relevant to the location of your audience. Yes, Surfer SEO has recently introduced a free plan that helps you use Surfer SEO for FREE with limited features. However, if you want to access all the premium features, you should check out the premium plans. Overall, Surfer is the best choice for content and SEO optimization.

That's because the content editor helps you beat the competition and guides you to write the actual content. If Matt, one of the top SEO experts in the SEO community like Matthew Woodward, uses this Surfer SEO analysis tool to improve his positioning, it's definitely worth trying Surfer SEO. So why didn't Surfer's first SEO tweak work, but the second one did? After analyzing what happened, I can conclude that I have better reduced the number of competitors selected and, therefore, my Surfer settings yielded good results. Surfer SEO has shared a public roadmap with its users on Trello, where you can see what is currently under development and what Surfer SEO's future plans are.

Yes, Surfer also provides a reliable keyword extension for Surfer that you can install in your Chrome browser. But for a fair review of Surfer's SEO, I'll say that I've started seeing these kinds of bad suggestions less and less on Surfer.