Is surfer seo free with jasper?

With all Surfer plans, you'll also get UNLIMITED free NLP credits per month. You'll need to pay for Surfer SEO separately from your Jasper account to use this integration. If you are new to content writing and SEO, this training will teach you step by step how to write content 5 times faster (using artificial intelligence) and optimized for the best keywords so that you can reach page 1 of Google. With our integration, you'll have access to a new option called SEO mode in your Jasper control panel.

The SEO mode allows you to use one of our tools, the content editor, directly within your Jasper documents to improve the content prepared by Jasper SEO-Wise. To connect the two tools, you'll need a separate Surfer SEO account and another for Jasper. The good news is that both Surfer SEO and Jasper come with free trial versions and you can still connect them with the free trial option. If you have a Jasper account, but don't have a Surfer SEO account, you can purchase the basic Surfer SEO plan with this special offer.

Remember to log in to Surfer in the same browser in another tab and keep the Jasper AI documents tab open. If you're running a digital marketing agency, you must have heard of Jasper AI and Surfer SEO. Now you can write with Jasper AI and include the right Surfer keywords in your content to optimize it for SEO as well.