What is the best equipment to record youtube videos?

Of course, you couldn't create a video without something to record it with. Obviously, the most important piece of YouTube's equipment is the camera. But before you go to the camera store, know that you don't have to buy the most expensive DSLR. You can use just about anything that can record high-quality video (at least 1080p).

Quality camcorders or webcams would suffice if you're just starting out. However, DSLRs and mirrorless cameras are a good investment for when you're ready to upgrade. Remember, the type of camera you should buy depends largely on the type of YouTube content you want to create. You can choose from any of the following types of cameras:.

The Sony HDR-CX405 camcorder is a good choice if you want an affordable Full HD camera with an image stabilization function to reduce shaking and blur when shooting without a tripod. It can record high-quality 1080p videos at 60 fps and is equipped with a Carl Zeiss zoom lens with a true 27x optical zoom for lossless magnification and excellent overall video quality. Uploading videos will also be a breeze, as this camcorder allows you to record in MP4 format so you can instantly upload them to the web. Webcams are the best option for those who want an affordable plug-and-play video camera, especially for those who need to record in front of their computers, such as video game YouTubers.

Webcams also facilitate live streaming, as they can be connected directly to your computer. A good webcam for making YouTube videos is the Logitech C920s HD Pro webcam, which has 1080p and 720p Full HD video recording capabilities. It's also ideal for those who want to record while playing on their computer, as the C920 uses its own processor to encode videos instead of relying heavily on (and slowing down) the computer's power. If you also need something that can be moved and tilted, this Logitech webcam is the solution.

Action cameras are known to be the most compact and versatile type of camera. It's no wonder they're a great piece of the YouTube team. They are ideal for intrepid photographers and videographers who want to capture first-person viewpoints of their travels or extreme sports adventures. Despite their small size, many of them can produce the highest quality videos possible today, which is why many YouTubers use action cameras because of the quality and durability of the video they offer.

Mirrorless cameras have become the most popular type of camera for both video creators and photographers because of their ability to shoot like a DSLR, but with a significantly lighter and smaller body. While you can use them to record videos at home, they're also great if you need a camera to make vlogs while you're walking or moving. There are plenty of great mirrorless cameras on the market, but the Panasonic Lumix GH6 would be the ultimate choice if you need something designed more for video capture. This mirrorless camera is designed to capture stunning 4K cinema images and videos.

It also comes with all kinds of useful features, such as 7.5-step body image stabilization, a foldable screen, and a real-time output with HDMI to view your images on an external monitor while you record. Check out our hands-on review of the GH6 with filmmaker Rob Adams to see its video capabilities in action. Remember that audio quality should complement your video. Even if you record high-quality 4K movie footage, you'll have trouble keeping viewers interested if the audio is lousy.

Built-in microphones for laptops or cameras often have poor audio quality, as they can't effectively record or remove ambient sounds, so the next most important tool for making YouTube videos is a good microphone. Shotgun microphones are a popular, high-quality option for recording videos with a small, professional camera. They are already made with shock absorbing supports that help reduce the noise that comes from mechanical vibrations around the microphone. Another important feature is its ability to concentrate on capturing clear sounds and voices directly in front of it, so it doesn't pick up a lot of ambient sounds on the sides and behind the microphone, even when recording outdoors.

We recommend that you use the Rode Microphones VideoMic Pro R, which is a practical version that is perfect for your DSLR, mirrorless camera or camcorder. It has a supercardioid polar pattern system and works with 9 V batteries, so you can use it up to 70 hours. A good option is the versatile Rode Wireless GO II compact microphone system, which includes a dual receiver and a single transmitter. It also has a 2.4 GHz series IV digital transmission and 128-bit encryption, providing a range of 200 m.

Finally, it has a 3.5 mm TRS analog output, USB-C and iOS-compatible digital audio output. The iKan E-Image EG01A2 is an excellent, affordable and quality tripod that can support most DSLRs and camcorders. It can support up to 11 pounds and is capable of extending its legs to more than 5 feet, so you can shoot from interesting viewpoints. It's also very handy and compact, can be folded up to 33 inches and weighs only 10 pounds, making it easy to pack and carry when you're on the go.

No matter how firmly you try to hold the camera, shooting without a tripod will produce shaky and discordant videos. Gimbals are specialized stabilizers that are made with motors or weights to carefully balance the camera and soften videos, even if you make large, abrupt movements on purpose. This is particularly useful for YouTubers who use lightweight cameras like GoPro cameras and are constantly on the move. The DJI Ronin-SC is perfect if you're going to use lightweight mirrorless cameras.

It has a 3-axis stabilizer system with brushless motors that will really smooth the camera's movements and has a battery life that can last up to 11 hours. For a motorized gimbal, it's definitely a big investment that pays off. The CLAR SoftBox, for example, already comes with a 70 W fluorescent light unit and an AC plug so you can connect and use it immediately after setting it up. The kit can be used with camcorders and digital cameras, and is ideal for indoor subject interviews.

Ring lights are a favorite among vloggers. When its ring shape emits light around the subject, it eliminates shadows in all directions, making anyone look more attractive in front of the camera. This is why beauty and makeup vloggers often use this type of lighting equipment from YouTube, as they are capable of illuminating the face beautifully and eliminating shadows that tend to highlight imperfections. Our choice for a ring light is the Flashpoint 19 inch ring light.

This fluorescent light ring uses a power of 80 W and does not emit too much heat, so you can place it closer to the subject. Its 19 inch diameter structure is also very light and easy to carry. If you're making videos that need close up facial shots, the Flashpoint 19 would be the ideal choice for you. The lights integrated into the camera provide continuous lighting and can be mounted on the cameras.

They can be great for shooting certain types of videos, such as wedding videos, documentary channels, or YouTube content that involves people and places with low light. DaVinci Resolve 18 is a free non-linear editor (NLE) for users. If you need more features, the full studio version is available for a one-time fee. The program is divided into seven work areas: Media, Cut, Edit, Fusion, Color, Fairlight and Deliver Pages to make post-production easy and intuitive for new users.

So, here are the 7 best equipment and tools you need to get started on the YouTube channel. For someone who is serious about growing their YouTube channel, a high-quality camera will be the first critical piece of equipment to purchase. Being an essential piece of equipment, there is no need to opt for expensive digital SLRs, all you need is a good camera that can record high quality video (at least 1080p). The type of content you are going to create will define the type of camera to be purchased.

So, if you're starting with quality webcams and camcorders, in addition to good editing, it will serve you well until you can upgrade and invest in expensive DSLRs. Plus, you can start with a phone and a webcam, and then evolve if you can't afford an expensive camera to begin with. To avoid having to get up several times just to set up or adjust your camera properly, it's best to have this super cheap tool to help you shoot. Camera remote controls help you in the filming process by providing an easier way to control the camera.

Adobe Premiere Elements 18 is the preferred choice for most videographers because of its ability to produce quality videos of any design. We think the best YouTube camera for most people is the Panasonic GH5 Mark II. Lightweight yet powerful, it's a versatile shooting tool with useful built-in live streaming abilities. We think it's one of the best 4K cameras you can buy.

That said, if you're willing to spend more on a camera with strong cinematographic credentials, the Sony A7S III is also a fantastic choice. It might not seem like a major improvement over its predecessor, but the Hero 11 Black is much more versatile for YouTubers looking to record a lot of outdoor content. A baffling camera for beginners, the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K Pro is a fantastic option for experienced video enthusiasts who want to take their YouTube content to the next level. As long as you can do without phase-detection autofocus and live streaming, the GH6 is a portable creative powerhouse for YouTubers.

The Sony ZV-1 is increasingly becoming a favorite of YouTube vloggers who like to walk and talk, while the original Panasonic Lumix GH5 is another more affordable model that is still used by several YouTubers. Like a miniature version of the impressive Panasonic Lumix S1H approved by Netflix, the Lumix S5 offers a compelling combination of 4K video skills, portability and impressive full-frame video quality, all of which combine to make it an excellent tool for YouTube creators. Coming from the industry leader in video editing software programs, it guarantees highly usable tools and a wide range of editing options (such as cropping video, freezing frames, bounce effects, animations, and more) so you can turn your material into professional-quality videos that your viewers will love and, possibly, subscribe to your YouTube channel to. Many established YouTubers use a wide range of sophisticated video production equipment (some even hire professional video editors and camera operators) to produce their videos, but you don't need to go that far.

Fortunately, several YouTubers are using less expensive cameras that can still capture high-quality images. They adapt perfectly to the large 1-inch sensor, excellent image stabilization, tilting touchscreen and USB charging, making it a compact very capable of creating YouTube content. In addition, it comes with ready-to-use YouTube live streaming support, so connect it to your smartphone or Wi-Fi network and you can live stream to the whole world. The Logitech ClearChat H390 are excellent headphones with microphone for making YouTube videos, as they are very easy to use and provide clear and crisp audio quality.

Obviously, camcorders are an excellent choice for creating YouTube content due to the simple fact that they are specifically designed to record videos. Still, YouTubers looking for a pocket camera should consider it a worthy alternative. Slightly larger than the GH5 Mark II, the GH6 is still a relatively compact tool for recording YouTube videos outside of a studio. As you'll see in the full list above, the best YouTube cameras ship in a variety of styles and formats.