Is 5 minutes a good length for a youtube video?

Therefore, to create a good YouTube video, you have to cut through the nonsense, get straight to the point, and capture the viewer's attention right from the start. This makes YouTube the ideal platform to promote your brand, educate your customers, and reach a wider audience. As you can see, YouTube first values the hours of viewing and the number of subscribers so that you can enter the YouTube Partner Program, which means that you can monetize your channel. The detailed description definitely increases viewers' time by at least a couple of seconds, but it also helps them discover videos, as it helps YouTube to better understand the content.

You'll notice that many of the major YouTube channels, such as Buzzfeed, WIRED, and Casey Neistat, have videos between 5 and 15 minutes long. YouTube wants to recommend videos that people stay interested in (watch them for longer), so if you manage to increase your viewing time, YouTube will reward you with a better ranking in search results and recommendations on its site, which will ultimately generate more viewers.