Can 2 youtubers have the same name?

This is how your friend James has a YouTube channel called James. But I repeat, just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Channel names are separate identifiers for a given YouTube channel. While several YouTube channels may have the same channel name, YouTube identifiers are meant to be completely unique for each YouTube channel.

That's why, with this latest update, your channel will have a channel name, an identifier, and a URL. The identifier is expected to help you find your specific channel and connect you to the right creator more easily. YouTube officially announced the release of its usernames on October 10, and one of the ads said that YouTube would offer users the ability to choose a username “over the next few weeks”. YouTube is updating its user interface with a series of changes, the main of which are the pinch-to-zoom function and the precise navigation of videos.

Whether you just found out about them or you've already received an email from YouTube telling you it's time to choose one, you're probably wondering what they are and how they differ from the names of YouTube channels. YouTube identifiers are another way to identify your YouTube channel, but they are separate from YouTube channel names. With the identifiers, all YouTube channels will have one, along with a personalized URL, regardless of the number of subscribers a channel has. When YouTube is ready for you to choose an identifier for your channel, it will notify you by email and YouTube Studio.

You'll have to wait for YouTube to notify you (via email and YouTube Studio) that it's ready for you to choose an identifier.