How do i find influencers to collaborate with on amazon?

Check if they have a landing page on social media (like Linktr, for example). Then, confirm if they have an active storefront with an Amazon influencer. Scroll through their content to see if they promote other brands (including Amazon products). Amazon influencers can create a store where they offer products from different brands that sell on Amazon. They earn commissions on purchases made through their storefronts.

For brands looking to collaborate with influencers on Amazon, finding them is a challenge. There is no database of Amazon influencers in and of itself that you can search. Instead, you have to do some research to find and reach out to Amazon influencers. They might know someone who has a store on Amazon and can connect you with potential influencers.

Amazon influencers can also receive payments from the brands they work with, either per publication or through free products. By searching for influencers on social media platforms or using Amazon's influencer search, you can easily find their storefront and discover the products they promote. For more than 10 years as author, speaker, director of fractional marketing, founder of The Source Appach (e-commerce consultancy) and executive director of Referazon (Amazon Influencer Marketing Software), Tanner has helped brands make e-commerce their strong point 26% faster with a proven, award-winning system called “The Source Aproximation”. From there, Referazon has an Amazon Influencer CRM where you can easily track your relationships, from building relationships to the way you are promoted.

Scroll through the lists of influencers on Amazon and look for storefronts that have high-quality items, that offer deals, and that have a significant number of positive reviews. They could come from family, friends, or co-workers who have purchased products from an influencer on Amazon and are impressed with the quality and effectiveness of the product. You can also filter your search by platform, making it easier to find influencers in the Amazon store with a maximum level of reach. You can use influencer marketplaces like Ainfluencer and leverage their AI search engine to identify and find influencers in the niche you want.

An Amazon influencer could earn anywhere from a few dollars a month to several thousand dollars. This gave Amazon influencers a simple link to share on their profile and get customers to see all the products they recommended again. So, asking where to find Amazon influencers isn't as simple as anyone on Google, YouTube, or social media channels would. In a sea of affiliate programs where influencers can promote any product they choose, you can imagine that it's hard to find those who promote products on Amazon.

If you want to contact an influencer like Nicole, you can send them a message on the influencer marketing panel. In addition, it has also opened the doors to a whole new niche of influencers: people who buy on Amazon and use its wide reach to help other people make better buying decisions.