How much can you make with amazon livestream?

Amazon influencers highlight products through their store and during live broadcasts and earn a commission on any product they buy. I recently discovered the success that social media marketing friends, such as Jim Fuhs and Chris Stone, are having on Amazon Live, which led me to create an Amazon Live account and to start testing the platform. I created a new account in the Amazon Influencer Program with a Twitter account that I called Live Stream Labs. The result shows that, as a technology startup that has just started testing Amazon Live, Amazon Live can help you get viewers and followers, and can generate sales.

By allowing influencers to choose between streaming or simply uploading content already created, Amazon gives many people the opportunity to expand their brand to people they wouldn't have otherwise reached. Amazon could also provide influencers with the opportunity to earn a more consistent salary, by allowing one-time or monthly donations, similar to the format that Twitch currently uses. With the Influencer Program, you get your own page on Amazon with a URL to show the products you recommend to your followers. Influencers direct their followers to the unique URL of their store (created by Amazon), where followers can buy from a selection of products carefully selected by the influencer.

The Amazon Influencer program does not have a guaranteed enrollment and applicants must meet certain requirements before being accepted.