What makes a successful youtube channel?

Tips for starting a YouTube channelChoose the right channel name. Make small improvements to each video. Use relevant keywords in video titles. Use relevant keywords in video descriptions.

Link to important information in video descriptions. YouTube is the largest social media platform dedicated exclusively to videos, with up to 2 billion viewers per month. That's a massive user base that you can access by creating a YouTube channel and sharing videos. Instagram is by far the most popular platform for influencer marketing, with 72% of.

Once people arrive at your YouTube channel, the first thing they see is your channel banner. A channel banner is a creative piece that appears at the top of your channel. The desired specifications for a YouTube channel banner are 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, but keep in mind that the “safe” area is 1,546 x 423 pixels, so all content should be kept in that central section. Ideally, your channel banner should tell people what types of videos they can expect and when they can expect them.

Or, if YouTube isn't your primary social platform, you might want to include your other social media usernames in your channel banner. Creating an intro video, or just setting one up, may seem strange, but it's a great way to leave a good first impression. When you enter a channel, an established intro video will start playing automatically under the channel banner, and it is the largest video on the screen. This video introducing Cass Thompson's YouTube channel does just that.

To date, this playlist includes 20 videos, all of which answer a specific question about connected communications. You don't need to add a million keywords here, but you should focus on 5 to 10 important keywords that describe your channel. Backlinko did a study in which he discovered that you don't want to use more than 50 characters in this section. With 100 subscribers, you can get the coveted custom URL.

Setting up your custom URL will only be available once you've reached 100 subscribers, have a 30-day old channel, and set up a profile and banner photo for the channel. When writing your channel description, it's very important to consider the first 100 to 150 characters of the description. The best channels on YouTube are simple and mean, with no superfluous or low-quality content. This doesn't just mean ensuring that everything you post on YouTube consistently meets a high creative standard.

It also means ensuring that everything in the channel is contextually relevant so that a new user discovers your channel without first knowing your brand or products. First let me say: “the best is relative”. The best thing will be the niche that you are passionate about, that you know and that you have some experience with. This will be the best niche, since you'll be able to create content on the topic for an extended period without losing interest or ideas for the content.

At a minimum, spend more than 100 hours doing market research to understand where the opportunities and challenges lie. This initial commitment to market research can save you years of wasted effort. At first glance, we like the idea, but how are these DIY videos different from a YouTube channel established as 5-Minute Crafts? A channel with 56 million subscribers and resources to create more than 5 videos every day? Promote your YouTube channel and content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. At a minimum, promote YouTube content on all your existing social media channels.

Growing a YouTube channel will take time, so don't be discouraged by your starting numbers (first 12 months). The most successful YouTube channels experience an S-shaped growth curve. In other words, initial growth is slow, but it is eventually followed by a rapid growth rate. Never compare your YouTube channel to anomalies like PewDiePie or T-Series or, in fact, to any channel with an astronomical number of subscribers.

For example, having 100,000 subscribers on YouTube may seem negligible compared to 100 million subscribers, but in our experience, most companies can transform (increase their visibility and revenue) with between 100,000 and 500,000 subscribers. As a general rule, videos that have an average retention rate of less than 30% or videos that get relatively few views from suggested videos or YouTube searches are the ones you should consider deleting. This is an example of a novice YouTuber promoting his first video on his established Instagram account. Finally, YouTube is the de FACTO video platform and will continue to be so for many years, so it's not too late to start, even if it takes a few years to gain significant momentum.

The most serious mistake that many companies make is to use the default options offered by YouTube when uploading a video. The bottom line is that, as a new owner, it's not advisable to try to compete against established YouTube channels. While you might be creating a new YouTube channel, you can still get this information on other platforms. Tubebuddy is a FREE browser extension and application that integrates directly with YouTube and allows you to better manage the ideas of your YouTube channels with ease.

Creating a YouTube channel with the sole purpose of attracting more customers to your business is a good example of the wrong reason. Choosing a creative YouTube channel name will help your channel stand out because it says a lot about you and the content you're creating. Establishing a presence on YouTube requires a lot of time and resources, so you'll need a much better reason to persist, since growing a YouTube channel is challenging and time-consuming. An e-commerce company specializing in crafts is trying to increase its reach and brand awareness by creating a YouTube channel; as a result, they start uploading DIY style videos.

Creating a successful YouTube channel is simply about choosing an audience you can serve, creating videos on topics you know, attracting new viewers to your channel, and keeping them interested in your content. This blog is informative and useful because it explains how to make a good YouTube channel and it also provides some YouTube tips and tricks. In fact, most YouTube creators and companies make this mistake when trying to attract a wide audience with generic content. .