How do i find amazon storefronts?

Both own and third-party sellers can access Amazon stores. Sellers can access their stores through Amazon Marketing Services. The Stores link is located at the top of the home page (main navigation bar), once you log in to Amazon Marketing Services. A storefront is an Amazon page that contains information about a person's products and allows customers to purchase those products on the seller's page instead of on Amazon itself.

Amazon is an e-commerce platform that attaches equal importance to all specific sellers who have an Amazon Storefront account. This makes Amazon Stores a very powerful marketing and conversion tool for current and potential Amazon merchants. The best Amazon storefronts allow sellers or brands to create a unique brand experience for Amazon customers. In addition, an Amazon store page is also known as a storefront on the Amazon website that allows you to list and sell your products.

Amazon stores offer merchants the option of having an online store dedicated solely to their Amazon listings.