Why do youtubers change title?

YouTubers often change the thumbnail to attract the news audience. A different thumbnail looks like a new video has been uploaded, but with a large number of viewers. The goal of changing the title and description is to attract more attention and reach the top positions in YouTube's SEO. They use attractive, modern keywords to get more hits.

YouTube strongly recommends changing the look of a title or thumbnail, as this can be an effective way to get more views. In its tests, YouTube found that prioritizing the content of channels to which a user subscribes dramatically reduces the number of videos that users watch and the frequency with which they return to YouTube. Changing a title or thumbnail doesn't make YouTube inherently increase video impressions. The YouTube team released a similar video earlier this month, although their most recent video answers a series of completely new questions.

YouTube shares more details about how its search and recommendation algorithms work in a new video in which the company answers user questions. Like the Google search engine, YouTube search has a similar goal: to show users the most relevant results for their queries. The YouTube algorithm understands which viewers haven't seen the content of a channel for a long time and avoids showing content from that channel to inactive subscribers. Videos rank in YouTube searches based on a variety of factors, but the most important are relevance and performance.