What are the 5 c's of customer service?

We've compiled the 5 C's that are the perfect recipe for successful customer service. Compensation, culture, communication, compassion and care. Presenting a consistent brand image is one of the fundamental aspects of a good customer experience, but many companies fail to provide a consistent image through direct mail, advertising material, websites and customer communications. Managing color, visual quality and levels of customization across different types of printing can be difficult, not to mention maintaining consistency in print, digital and voice communications.

However, recent advances in inkjet printing and color management have reduced the customer experience gap between offset printing and digital printing. They have also allowed some of the visual flexibility of digital channels. Conduct an audit of your key customer communications. Are you using color consistently across all channels? Are typographic styles, language, and images consistent? If you compare these documents with your advertising material and your direct mail offers, would they look like they came from the same company? If you answered “No” to any of these questions, you may have a consistency problem that justifies a certain level of redesign.

So here are my 5 C's for customer service. I guarantee that if you implement them with every conversation you have by email or phone, you will win over anyone you communicate with. After all, isn't that the game of great customer service to win people over? Make them feel that they are important and that you're willing to support them in their success, regardless of their request.