How much does the influencer program pay?

Amazon influencers can earn between 1 and 10% for each sale. Influencers can then get their commissions from Amazon by direct deposit, gift card or check. However, they must meet the minimum withdrawal amount for each payment method. The fees for the Amazon Influencer program are paid about 60 days after each calendar month from the time you recommended your sale.

In addition to the above, there are many more rules specific to the Amazon Associates program that you MUST review. Unlike most influencer marketing campaigns, it's not really necessary for an influencer to create content to make money. Businesses large and small should take advantage of the Amazon Influencer program to boost their marketing efforts. The Amazon Live streaming platform allows influencers to make live broadcasts in which they recommend products available in their Amazon stores.

To apply for the Amazon Influencer program, you must have a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook account with more than 200 followers. If you're an influencer with a decent number of followers, the Amazon Influencer program allows you to promote products to your followers on social networks and earn a commission for every sale you recommend. While product lists can be used for all types of content, an Amazon store allows people to explore entire collections of products recommended by their favorite influencers. Since the Amazon Influencer program is an extension of the existing Amazon Associates program, if you already promote Amazon products, you will automatically have access to the new influence tools once you apply.

Brands can work with influencers to recommend their products and services on their social media platforms and in their Amazon Influencer storefronts. Businesses and influencers want to partner with a program they can trust, and Amazon already successfully has the largest affiliate program in the world. A company must develop an influencer marketing campaign that not only increases its own brand recognition and sales, but also provides extensive benefits to the influencer to make the deal worthwhile. While Amazon pretty much accepts anyone into the affiliate program with a website, the Amazon Influencer program is much more exclusive.

That said, if you qualify as a nanoinfluencer because you have at least 1000 followers on any of the 3 social networks mentioned, I wouldn't hesitate to apply, since Amazon is always looking to expand its platform through viable personalities on social networks. Amazon influencers must apply and be accepted into the program based on their significant and engaged audiences on social media.