Does watching your own videos on youtube count as view?

If you skip a video but the total time you spend watching it is more than 30 seconds, the viewing will also count. If you watch it for less than 30 seconds, it probably won't. Nowadays, the number of views continues to increase, but that's the reason why people at YouTube headquarters watch a video and make sure that it's really popular, and not that they earn it at the hands of bots or fake plays. Users try to fake watch counts because a high number of views can lead to the monetization of videos or to YouTube itself promoting them.

There is a turning point on YouTube, where the company's employees watch the video and see if it's real and can be seen on it. Keep in mind that the 30-second playback limit only matters because it's a factor that helps YouTube decide if a video is worth monetizing, and videos under 30 seconds can't be monetized. Repeated plays count to a certain extent (for example, if someone watches a video several times a day), but they stop counting to a certain number that YouTube hasn't specified. If your goal is to measure the success of your YouTube content based on the number of views it has, or if you want to know how long you've been in the process of monetizing your channel or becoming famous on YouTube, this can help you understand how YouTube actually counts visits.

But are views really that important? Are views the best currency for measuring YouTube's success? According to the YouTube Creator Academy, they aren't. YouTube has had to be deliberate when it comes to counting views because users have tried to scam the platform in various ways to make it appear that their video has been watched more times than it has been seen. Every time a video is requested, the closest server provides it and increases the number of plays in its local record. To minimize the chance of YouTube users falsifying views, YouTube has created a system to detect what a real viewing is.

Looking at the statistics of views on YouTube, it's obvious that YouTube isn't quite sure how to count them either. Avid YouTube users say that live videos are best used to generate interaction and interaction with the community and subscribers, and that edited and uploaded videos are a much better way to increase the number of views or strengthen your brand so that you can start earning money with your YouTube channel. By learning what counts as a YouTube view, what a legitimate YouTube view is, and how to get one, you'll be able to invest in useful and healthy ways to use the platform for marketing and promotion, and ensure that you're getting the best return for your time and efforts. Experts believe that, after 4 or 5 plays in a day, YouTube stops adding new views to the number of views of a video.

At first glance, YouTube plays may seem simple, but in reality it can be difficult to figure out what counts as a YouTube view.