What are the best ways to increase engagement with followers on amazon?

Within the title, you can also encourage customers to follow them. Make sure to include a follow button in your Amazon posts to get followers. Within the title, you can also encourage customers to follow your brand. Promising exclusive offers, similar to Amazon Live, is a great way to gain followers.

Also, don't hesitate to let your brand's voice be heard in your content. When you incorporate passion into your marketing, your material becomes more captivating. To gain followers through Amazon Live, make “follow our brand” a recurring call to action throughout the live stream. You should also ask a member of the team to monitor the live stream chat while the speaker makes the presentation, so that he can answer questions and encourage buyers to follow him as well.

This strategy works best when you can also offer exclusive discounts to shoppers who follow your brand, for example, offering a unique promotional code for that audience. Social media is also a good place to explain why you want more followers. Explain that Amazon helps promote books, that it can improve your Amazon algorithm, etc. The concept of the Follow button on Amazon is not entirely new; for example, readers have the option of following their favorite authors on Amazon for years.

Getting your influencers to encourage their followers to follow your Amazon storefront on any of their sponsored articles is a simple step that can generate positive follower growth. Amazon followers are valuable data that Amazon controls, and while they allow authors to take a look at that data, they are incomplete and could be removed at any time. But wait, didn't I say before that you can't access the contact information of your Amazon followers? Yes, and while it's true that you don't have access to your followers' emails, there is an alternative solution that Amazon allows. As Amazon (and the way people use Amazon) has evolved over time, Amazon has strived to make the Follow button a more prominent aspect of the shopping experience.

The more followers you have, the greater your reach and influence within the Amazon community, which will increase your credibility as an author. Requiring your influencers to encourage their followers to follow your Amazon store in any of their sponsored posts is very simple. Authors have been looking for Amazon followers for a long time, because Amazon directly promotes your books (without you having to lift a finger) to those followers. One of the main advantages of Amazon Followers is that every follower will receive notifications when you publish a new book on Amazon.