Can two people own the same youtube channel?

The account must have a primary owner. Administrators can use Google services that support brand accounts (for example, sharing photos to Google Photos or posting videos to YouTube). Communication managers can perform the same actions as managers, but they can't use YouTube. The channel's title is protected as a trademark, as it is used to “mark” the channel before the eyes of viewers and viewers' friends.

Trademark rights are acquired through the use of a trademark in commerce in the United States. Yes, YouTube allows channels to use the same name. This is allowed and okay, as long as you don't impersonate another channel. For example, if you steal their name and profile picture and upload their content to your channel again, it will end up banned.

If your YouTube channel focuses on content, news, or clips from a specific channel, it would make a lot of sense to include its name in the name of your channel. The instructions below are for creating a new regular YouTube channel, so you'll need different instructions if you're planning to create a brand account. Even if you end up being successful under the same name as another big YouTube channel, there's a good chance they'll still see you as a copy of the other channel, especially if you have similar content. In the sense that YouTube will allow producers to choose from a list of suggested URLs, it is common for the title of the channel to a large extent to influence suggestions, since YouTube wants to prevent users from entering potentially misleading URLs.

If you're looking for a name similar to or the same as another YouTube channel, it's a good idea to use the name of a channel that isn't yet popular. With a brand account on YouTube, the connection to your personal Google account is not shown and you can share the management of the account or manage it yourself. In the past, you created a separate YouTube account for each audience, and that method still works. Users' YouTube channels can have a “custom URL” that can be modified up to three times a year.