How much does jasper surfer seo cost?

With all Surfer plans, you'll also get UNLIMITED free NLP credits per month. If you're a blogger or someone who manages a small website where you don't need to publish more than 10 articles, then this plan is perfect for you. In this plan, you'll get just 10 content editor credits. So, if you're planning to publish more than 10 articles per month, I'll recommend that you go for the Pro plan or the Business Plan.

Surfer's SEO content editing tool analyzes the best-ranked articles for your target keywords and then suggests some incredible things, such as the word count in your blog post, no. Of subtitles, terms of use and much more. It also suggests how many times you should use exact keywords, partial keywords, and relevant keywords in your blog post. To avoid confusion, show the content score (0-100) so you can easily understand how well your article is optimized.

By following all these instructions from the content editing tool, you can write a blog post that is fully optimized for SEO that can rank on Google and other search engines. Surfer SEO's content auditing tool is one of the best tools for optimizing existing content. Just enter your target keyword in this tool and it will compare your article with the highest ranked articles to get more than 500 SEO ranking factors on the page and then it will recommend what to correct in your content. By following the recommendations of the Content Auditor tool, you can easily understand what SEO strategy is working for your competitor and, based on that, you can improve the ranking of your blog posts.

Many bloggers face the problem of finding an adequate word count for their articles. If you also have this problem, this problem will be solved with the Surfer SEO content editing tool. It automatically checks the content length of the main search results pages and then suggests the right word count for your article. Surfer SEO's content auditing tool is the most popular and accurate tool for comparing your article with other ranking articles.

By comparing your item with items that are already classified, you'll understand what to fix in your item and what needs to be improved. Therefore, you can easily understand why your item is not classified. If you're one of those who use Google Docs to write blog posts, you'll be happy to know that you don't need to write the article in Surfer SEO Content Editor. Why? Because it comes with a Google Chrome extension that works seamlessly with Google Docs.

So, you can write your article in Google Docs and optimize it with Surfer side by side. In addition to all the above features, Surfer SEO comes with the Content Planner tool, the SERP Analyzer tool and access to NLP (natural language processing). The Content Planner tool helps you group together all the keywords related to your initial keyword. SurferSEO is a complete on-page SEO tool that helps you write a fully optimized article for your website.

It comes with content editor, content auditor, and keyword research tools that help you choose keywords, write content, and optimize existing content on your website. Yes, they are a very good SEO tool for writing and optimizing your articles. It offers many features such as content editor, content auditing, content planner, keyword research, etc., that help you write a blog post that can rank on Google. The main difference between the 3 plans is the content editor credit, the content audit credit, the NLP credit, no.

From team members, white label and API access. Depending on your needs, you can choose the required plan. If you're looking for an SEO tool to write and optimize your blog post, Surfer SEO would be a perfect choice. It comes with half a dozen features including content editor, keyword research, and content planner that help you write blog posts that are optimized for SEO.

I can understand that the price of Surfer SEO seems a bit high, but they offer a lot of incredible features that can help you improve the ranking of your items. Jasper and Surfer are not direct competitors. In fact, Jasper comes with an exclusive offer to integrate Surfer SEO while using the Jasper AI writing tool to optimize your content and position yourself better. Surfer SEO is a set of on-page content tools, much like GrowthBar.

It's made for bloggers and content creators. If you don't think Surfer SEO is right for you, simply send an email to the Surfer SEO customer support team and they'll give you your money back. While Surfer SEO offers an AI content writing option and an optimized content schema generator, it focuses more on content optimization and page SEO. In this Surfer SEO review, I'm going to cover everything about Surfer SEO in detail, including the pros, cons, unique features, case studies, customer reviews, the demonstration of this tool, the step-by-step tutorial, and many more.