How we can measure influencer success?

Here are nine ways to judge if your influence campaign was successful. Use affiliate links. Use affiliate links to measure success. Monitor traffic before, during and after the campaign.

Trackable links are one of the easiest ways to calculate your campaign's conversions. Each link is assigned a unique URL that can be read by common analytics software, such as Google Analytics. Those links can then be used when sharing a blog post, email link, or other resource intended to generate conversions to show exactly where each conversion originated. The other measure of an influencer's success is cost per interaction (CPE).

It's just about how much you pay for each “like” or comment on content that showcases your brand. What you're looking for is a lower CPE. The Unbox Social tool offers a well-equipped set of influencers that helps you build effective influencer campaigns. To scale influencer campaigns, you first need to know how your influencers are performing on social media.

However, as you expand your influencer marketing program, you'll want to automate everything you can to make the most of your time and budget (it'll also save your influencer managers from having to manually record all that data from multiple platforms). In many cases, brands often need to reformulate their influencer marketing campaign simply because they have made the wrong selection of influencers.