What do youtubers use to edit their videos free?

Getting started is a bit more complex than iMovie, but watch the orientation video and you'll be flying in no time. Professional editors love the keyboard controls and cutting tools that are specifically designed to handle large volumes of material. The built-in color correction options and video effects are very impressive and not limited, even if you're a free user. Microsoft recently acquired a free web-based video editing platform, Clipchamp, so you have to assume that they're doing something right.

Designed specifically for content creators, the templates and the easy-to-use interface make it easy to create videos for social networks. Plus, you don't need to take up all of your hard drive space in the process. Open source and cross-platform, Shotcut is people's free video editing tool. That means it comes with occasional bugs, but overall, it's a very robust piece of software that's on just about every list of the “best video editing programs” out there.

Shotcut supports hundreds of video and audio formats, making it very practical for joining disparate files. Drag-and-drop file management makes it easy to find everything you need for your great video work on social networks. iMovie is a common tool that YouTubers use to edit their videos when they start out, since it comes free with Mac devices. It has all the basic functions you need to edit scenes, trim “ums” and “uhs” and, most importantly, add a Ken Burns effect.

iMovie is extremely easy to use and quite intuitive. In other words, a great option for beginners. But there are only two video “tracks” (a, k, a. You can use layers, so there are some limitations to how wild you can get with the effects.

The other drawback of iMovie? Only available on Apple products. We think Lightworks is one of the best video editing programs for YouTube beginners who are serious about learning video editing. For 30 years, Lightworks has been used to edit Oscar-winning movies like Braveheart and Pulp Fiction. The free version of the Hollywood classic is reduced and is better suited to editing videos for YouTube.

We think it's one of the best video editors on YouTube because of its hundreds of creative transitions, including all the advanced transitions found in the Pro version. Windows Video Editor (which replaced Windows Movie Maker) is a free and easy-to-use YouTube video editor included with Windows 10 and later. It is located within the Windows Photo application and is the best video editing software for YouTube for users who already use it to edit and organize their photos. Regardless of what you use to record, make sure the resolution is between 1080 and 4K.

Editing videos for YouTube in that resolution will look high-quality, but it won't exceed YouTube's size limit. Apparently, the programs that many YouTubers use are Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and Premiere Pro. iMovie is commonly used because it comes pre-installed on Apple devices and does just about everything you need for video editing at a basic level. Aren't you at Apple? Premiere Rush is the place to go.

It was designed with YouTube users in mind and retains many of the most useful features of Premiere Pro, but it's optimized and simplified for use on a mobile device (think big buttons and icons). Of course, if you're a professional filmmaker, you might need the more specific editing tools offered by a paid video editing program, but for most people and brands, free video editing software offers more than enough functionality. This YouTube video editor offers several different levels at different prices, however, it has saved the functions you need when editing videos for YouTube (such as recording the screen and webcam simultaneously, creating a brand or uploading them directly to YouTube) for its expensive Professional plan. Use this YouTube video editor to change the background of your video with green screen tools and a background library.

The best video editing software for YouTube includes a variety of programs and tools designed to boost your images. Its powerful timeline, instant automatic saving and background processing make it a very efficient tool to make your videos and disseminate them to the world as quickly as possible. Beginners and professionals alike will end up with a perfect YouTube video if they use the perfect software to merge their YouTube videos. However, if you're looking for the best video editing software for YouTube without a watermark, Filmora isn't the right choice, since all the videos you create with the free version have a Filmora logo.

This video editor for YouTube also has a wide selection of device and transport options, including webcam capture. Beginners who are serious about being YouTubers should buy one of the premium versions or try a different free YouTube video editor pretty quickly. It also includes 50 transitions, a voice-over recorder, and a screen recorder with this free YouTube video editor. However, VideoProc Vlogger lacks many basic editing tools, so if you're not editing videos for YouTube with a lot of action or travel, try a different YouTube video editor from our list.

PowerDirector is the best video editing software for YouTube because it offers many professional tools at a great price and a low learning curve. That said, Shotcut offers support for several formats and 4K resolution, which is a big advantage considering that it's a free video editing software. .