Do you need 500 followers for amazon affiliate?

Your Instagram account must have at least 500 followers to be approved for the Amazon Associates (Affiliates) program. If you don't have that many yet, read our guide on how to promote your account. The Amazon partner program allows you to promote yourself on the following platforms: Facebook (a business page or a public group page), Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, TikTok and Twitch, television. But one of the requirements is that you have at least 500 organic followers.

There are no mandatory follower counts that you must meet to become an Amazon affiliate. Amazon suggests that you have at least 500 followers if you want to sign up for its Affiliate Program. However, this number doesn't mean the same thing for all platforms. Amazon affiliates are paid by receiving a check or gift certificate from Amazon, or they deposit their fees directly into their bank account.

Amazon affiliates can be publishers, bloggers, or content creators who promote products available on Amazon marketplaces through their platforms. Amazon Games has the highest percentage (20%), and the second most profitable categories are Luxury Beauty, Luxury Stores Beauty and Amazon Explore, and you receive 10% for these products. You are required to declare that you are an Amazon affiliate on your Instagram account in accordance with the requirements of the Amazon affiliate program. Amazon Associates Amazon Associates is a well-known source of passive income for bloggers, but Instagram users can also take advantage of the platform.

Once you've completed all of these steps, you'll have to wait for Amazon to approve your Amazon affiliate account. Amazon sellers usually write the recommended phrase at the top of their Instagram landing pages, where they place all Amazon affiliate links. Finally, keep in mind what's in demand on Amazon, as some products sell more on Amazon than others. Amazon is known to be quite strict when it comes to its expectations of what its Amazon associates should and shouldn't do.

But let's dive a little deeper into how it works and take a look at the commission structure of the Amazon affiliate program, as well as the rules and requirements for joining as an Amazon affiliate seller. If the Amazon Associates Program sounds like something you're interested in, here's how to become an Amazon affiliate. The Amazon affiliate marketing program works by using Amazon partners (affiliates) to create affiliate links and publish them on your website to sell Amazon products. You can also use Amazon Associates SiteStripe as a product link tool to create an Amazon affiliate link directly.