Which is better frase io or surfer seo?

Frase is more inclined to create highly detailed summaries and content outlines, as well as to the generation of AI content. While Surfer SEO also has an AI content generation feature, it's not yet as developed as Frase's. This means that you can create drafts of content much faster with Phrase, since the AI content is ready to use. Phrase prioritizes the writing part of your SEO process.

They pay little attention to keyword research, outlines, summaries, or optimizing content once published. Most of our competitors, including Surfer, don't focus much on research functions. Often, it's not enough to recommend topics for SEO, but you have to go deeper into what those topics mean and how they are used. Frase goes beyond SEO-based recommendations and provides a broader set of research tools.

You can use Surfer inside Jarvis (a standalone AI writing tool), but it'll cost twice as much, since you'll have to pay for 2 different tools. Personally, we recommend Surfer SEO because it easily integrates with Jasper AI to help you select unique content in a few seconds. They also offer some free tools, such as the Keyword Surfer extension, the content editor extension and the AI schema generator.